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MTC-My Transportation Company LLC is a Christian owned company founded in October of 2017 by Mark T. Camarena a man who two years previous nearly lost the battle against depression.  He will tell you that one of the major reasons he nearly lost was there was nothing to look forward too. Thinking of how in his deepest darkest hour it seemed no one cared he formed MTC-My Transportation Company LLC. It was originally to be named Mark’s Transportation but Mark want’s you to know it is yours. When you have places to go and people to see think MTC.  The domain name Mtc.me was so important to Mark because he wants you to know it is for you. You think MTC and me.  At MTC we want you to know there are things to look forward to and we are scouring the local area looking for trips that would be fun for you and give you the opportunity to meet others. At MTC we truly care abut our riders.

MTC Mission statement is to provide reasonably priced transportation to planned events whether they be trips to the airport, train station, doctors appointments, sporting events, live entertainment, or create your own. We also take folks to work, can operate carpools and if you know Mark a service he thinks was so needed we will come and help you pick up that large item from Goodwill the next day. MTC will continue to scour the area for trips we think you would like to take, we welcome suggestions and feel free to book your own. You can ride with anyone but ask yourself are they fully insured? Is this there livelihood or just something they do on the side? And finally most importantly do they care about you as a person or are you just another ride? AT MTC we care, this is our livelihood and we are fully insured to transport passengers across state lines.

We are governed by the Department of Transportation

  • U.S.S DOT No. 306799 
  • MC 59249

Our Team

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Photo of Mark T Camarena Mark T Camarena President

Mark T. Camarena will gladly tell you that he was born in Gary Indiana just like Michael Jackson. Mark grew up in Crown Point Indiana in the country surrounded by many farms hence he refers to himself as a simple farm boy from Indiana. He attended St. Mary’s Catholic Community School in Crown Point for grade school.…

Photo of Pam Camarena Pam Camarena Driver

Pam Camarena has been driving passengers for the past 27 years. Most recently for the past 16 years she was a school bus driver for the Crown Point Community School system. During which time she drove a 72 passenger bus frequently with around 70 students. If you do the math this means that driving 2x a day she would have provided transportation on the school bus to over 380,000 school children.…

Photo of Mary Merkle Mary Merkle The Inspiration

She is Mark’s baby sister who on December 1, 2016 was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She is the inspiration for MTC-My Transportation Company LLC.  This Holiday season she is featured on the Ovarian Cancer awareness tree at Brookfield Zoo. Since she is currently once again undergoing chemotherapy she can’t make it up to see the tree herself so Mark promised her he will get people to go and see her on the tree and take their picture by her picture.…

Photo of Cousin Jake Fleming Cousin Jake Fleming Our Car Guy

Jake really isn’t really Mark’s cousin. Mark met Jake at the Campagna auction Cheers for 70 years in 2017 in which Team Toyota donated a lease on a vehicle to be auctioned off. While taking a look at it Jake showed him the inside and said “I want to be your car guy.” He hooked Mark up with the ideal vehicle to start MTC-My Transportation Company LLC business  and less than a month later hooked Mark up with a great deal on a lease of a camry.…